Your Boating Trips Will Never Be The Same After Incorporating Kitty Cat Now Into Your Party!

Your Boating Trips will never be the same after incorporating Kitty Cat Now into your party! We provide a bevy of sun-soaked beauties dedicated to giving you the best in exotic experiences on the water. If you and your friends are chartering a boat to use while meandering around Lake Travis or LBJ include a few Sexy Strippers. There simply isn’t a better way to spend the day on the open water than with a Kitty Cat Now Yacht Package or a few Voluptuous Topless Waitresses! Creating a sumptuous day in the sun with our beautiful and attentive Strippers to cater to your every whim.

Ahoy, Would You Like To See Some Booty?

Ahoy, there Matey would you like to see some Booty? Create the ultimate Erotic Boating Experience for you and your friends! An exciting adventure on the water and out in the sun that you’ll never forget. A booze cruise exploits guaranteed to scintillate and titillate your deepest desires.

Batten Down The Hatches Our Tops Are Coming Off

Boobs, beer, and boats! What more could you ask for! For our more discerning clientele was open to making our Boat Parties entirely customizable! Allowing you to personalize your package ensuring you get everything you envisioned and more! Whether you’d like a 3 Girl Fantasy Show and 2 Topless Waitresses a few hours later we have you covered! Create a personalized Austin Boat Party to be the hero of your squad! Give us a Call or Book online today for the Ultimate Austin Boat Party!

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