The bachelor party hangover

There’s nothing like waking up to the aftermath of an epic bachelor party in Austin. Head pounding, room spinning, you know the drill. But at Kitty Cat Now Austin, we believe the party doesn’t have to stop just because of a little hangover. Let’s dive into how you can bounce back on the second day of your bachelor party extravaganza with some uniquely delightful remedies.

Wake up to Boobs and Bacon

Forget the coffee and aspirin, imagine opening your eyes to the delicious aroma of sizzling bacon and the delightful sight of gorgeous topless chefs in the kitchen. Our iconic ‘Boobs and Bacon’ package isn’t just a feast for your stomach, it’s a feast for your eyes too, providing the perfect wake-up call to reignite the party spirit. Watching our stunning strippers cooking breakfast is a surefire way to bring a smile to everyone’s face and kickstart your day with energy and a bit of cheeky fun.

Bloody Marys to the rescue

If bacon alone isn’t enough to clear your head, how about a Bloody Mary bar served up by our charming topless waitresses? Not only will they prepare this classic hangover cure to your liking, but they’ll also serve it with a twist. Customize your drink with all the essential condiments, and don’t forget the pickles. Why pickles, you ask? A shot of pickle juice is said to be a hangover miracle, replenishing electrolytes and reviving your party-ready state in no time.

The cure that’s more than a drink

Our topless waitresses don’t just serve drinks, they bring the party back to life. While they mix, stir, and pour, their presence alone is enough to distract from even the nastiest hangover. It’s not just about curing the hangover but making the cure as enjoyable as the night that caused it.

Ready for round two?

By the time you’ve finished your breakfast and downed a Bloody Mary (or two), you’ll be ready to face the day. Whether you’re planning another round of festivities or just lounging with your crew, starting your morning with Kitty Cat Now ensures you’re not just recovering, you’re reliving the excitement.

Book Kitty Cat Now Austinfor your bachelor party, and even if the hangover hits, we’ve got the perfect remedy lined up. From ‘Boobs and Bacon’ to Bloody Mary bars, we make sure that a little headache doesn’t dull your weekend. Contact us today to set up the ultimate recovery service for your bachelor party. After all, what’s better than curing a hangover with a little bit of charm and a lot of cheekiness?

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