Rocket Launch Parties – Taking It Back to the “Space Age” of the Sixties

Remember in the 1960s when everyone was crowding around the television to watch the moon landing? Well, we’re getting back to the space race in 2023 and beyond, and as the largest rocket ever built is about to be launched, everyone wants to celebrate. Why not celebrate with the girls at Kitty Cat Now Austin? We’ve got a range of girls and engagements that will give you everything you want to have a great time.

Tell your friends to dress the part and get ready to take off—the Kitty Cat Now Austin girls can launch your next party into the stratosphere!

3… 2… 1… Houston, we have liftoff!

Let’s look at what the Kitty Cat Now Austin girls can do.

Sexy Girls in Several Packages

With Kitty Cat Now, you’ll get your choice of girls and services, including their various states of dress. Want a simple, slightly discreet strip-o-gram that can spice up the party? Perhaps you’re planning a serious “launch”eon where you need topless waitresses and a full staff of sexy ladies to set the mood. At Kitty Cat Now Austin, we’ve got packages and girls for every taste and occasion.

Tell everyone to dress the part and get ready to take off into a whole new experience when you choose to party with us. Whether you’re in Arizona, Miami, Chicago, or anywhere else in the country, we’ve got all the sexy girls you want. You can even choose from specific themes, packages, and services to create your perfect launch event, no matter what you’ve got in mind.

To Infinity… And Beyond!

Our services might not be infinite, but with the customization options, there’s a lot more to be had than you might realize. Forget about another boring party with potlucks and BYOBs—instead, consider all the ways you can enjoy the girls at Kitty Cat Now Austin for your launch party:

Check out some of our popular packages, such as Boobs and Bacon, or make a splash with our pool party packages that include two or three girls for hours of enjoyment in and out of the water. Whatever you have in mind, it’s time to celebrate the future of space travel with a classic favorite: sexy girls in every style and setting imaginable.

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