Planning The Perfect Golf Outing

Kitty Cat Now Austin invites you to plan the Perfect Golf Outing! Whether it’s in an exotic location with Tee times set in advance for the whole weekend or a quick 18 holes at your local course in Austin. The game of Golf is a sacred opportunity to be out in nature playing an 800-year-old sport. William Wordsmith once stated:

“Golf is a day spent in a round of strenuous idleness”. Essentially there’s quite a bit of waiting around, long stretches of time that is filled with idle conversation. Depending on your golfing partners this can be beneficial, productive, or effectively banal. Kitty Cat Now invites you to Spice Up Your Tee Time with a few sexy Kitty Cat Caddies to cart around the course in absolute style. Our sexy Caddies will be sure to heat up the greens.

Kitties & Caddies

When you enlist the services of our Kitty Cat Caddies you’re getting so much more than just a typical caddie! You’re getting Sexy Strippers who’ll attend to all your needs. For our Kitties & Caddies package the girls will meet you at your chosen golf course, dressed professionally, yet as scantily clad as they can get away with per the dress code of your specified golf course. The Kitty Cat Caddies are there to help you with everything you need to have the perfect day on the golf course. The Kitty Cat Caddies will hand golfers the various clubs they use, put clubs back into the bag after golfers have hit their shots, clean off their golf clubs and wash their golf balls. They can even drive the golf cart and serve drinks to all thirsty golfers. Whether they’re watching your form or washing your balls these girls are sensational attendants!

After Hours With Kitty Cat Now

We invite you to explore the notion of the perfect day. Sailing through the hallowed grounds of a sprawling golf course with your best friends and Sexy Strippers in tow. They may not improve your golf swing but you will enjoy the view! Afterward, it’s important to keep up the momentum by having a rousing after-party at your home or vacation rental. Kitty Cat Caddies provide the ideal eye candy however they can’t perform any of the erotic parlor tricks and games that Kitty Cat Now is known for. Additionally, there would be difficulty with our legendary Lap Dances and Private Dances as there simply isn’t enough privacy to perform them. This slight issue is easily solved when you schedule the Exotic Dancers for a stellar After Party! Add some zest to your Golf Outing by incorporating Sexy Strippers to create the perfect day! Give us a call or book online today!

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