New Year, New Traditions: Add Boobs & Bacon To Your Agenda

What are you going to do differently in the coming year? Are you going to go through another year of life doing the same bland things you did last year or are you going to make some changes? With a new year comes new traditions, not to mention resolutions. What can you do to make this year a bit more special in Austin?

There’s a lot to be said about self-care and spending time with your friends. However, instead of the same old hobbies and habits, why not try something new at least a couple of times a year? We’re talking about adding a bit more spice to your life with Boobs & Bacon!

What Does It Entail?

Boobs & Bacon says most of what you need to know right there in the title. This package features two girls who will start the morning off by cooking your breakfast while topless. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, you would be wrong because the next hour is a two-girl lesbian show. Whether this is the start of a fun bachelor party weekend, or you are just adding this as a tradition you do once every six months or so, you can’t go wrong.

Something you will want to keep in mind with this package, though is that you will need to supply the cookware and the groceries for the girls to use and cook. If you do this at a hotel or a property you rent for the weekend, double-check to make sure there is cookware and load up on your own groceries.

When Should I Book a Boobs & Bacon Package?

There really is never a bad time to book, but just make sure you book early. You want to make sure you get one of these ready to go for the day you need. The sooner you book, the better.

While you could savor this all to yourself, it’s often better when you have a friend or two that can enjoy the show, as well. In fact, why not talk with a couple of your friends about treating yourselves to one of these at least once a year when you have a guys’ weekend? You could share in the cost or take turns hosting. It can be a wonderful new tradition that you have going forward.

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