Having a Poker Party?

Dimly lit back rooms of speak easies that require a secret password to get into sadly are no more. Unless of course, we make the new Cuba into the old Cuba…but let’s not hold our breath just yet. We all can agree the guy’s poker night is a sacred and honored tradition. Our father’s and grandfathers had their own rotating games we would stay up past our bedtime to spy on, but the wafting cigar smoke and dirty jokes literally went over our heads.


The time has finally come to convene for your own indulgent card games away from the prying ears and eyes of your S.O.  You’ve got to admit beer, cigars and sandwiches sounds rather vanilla doesn’t it? How do you get that spirited card game to mimic the likes of a back room speakeasy? Well luckily, you’ve come to the right place and just in time too!


Kitty Cat Now Austin a bevy of beautiful girls available at your disposal to spice up your next Poker or Game night. Our Topless or Nude Waitresses are just the right amount of riske’ sexiness that you’ll soon learn you just can’t plan another event without.

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