Friendsgiving Is More Fun with Strippers

With the temperatures dropping and leaves changing, you know what comes next: the holiday season. For many people, that means having a Friendsgiving celebration. It’s a great way to get together with your favorite people, enjoy food and good cheer, and just have a great time. If you want to really amp up the fun this year, consider adding strippers to the menu!

What Is Friendsgiving?

Before we dive into why and how to introduce strippers to your holiday festivities, let’s give you a brief introduction to Friendsgiving. The word wasn’t added to the dictionary until 2023, although it’s been practiced for many years. In essence, Friendsgiving is a meal eaten before or as an alternative to a traditional Thanksgiving meal with family. It involves gathering with close friends.

Another difference here is that Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be celebrated on the same day as Thanksgiving. That gives you some flexibility in planning, particularly if you’re celebrating both holidays instead of just one. A lot of people choose to celebrate Friendsgiving before Thanksgiving, essentially giving themselves two feasts during the month.

How to Introduce Fun with Strippers

So, how do you introduce strippers to your Friendsgiving festivities? You can do it a couple of ways!

Topless Waitresses

One great way to get everyone in the holiday mood is to arrange for topless waitresses to serve your guests during Friendsgiving. They’ll serve drinks all evening, along with giving lap dances and giving body shots, and whipped cream shots. Want to up the ante a little? Go for an all-nude waitress!

Erotic Shows

Want to make this Friendsgiving stand out in the minds of your guests? Why not combine dinner and a show? In this case, you can hire strippers to put on an erotic show after dinner. With Kitty Cat Now’s stunning girls, you can choose a single-girl erotic show, or opt for a two, three, or even four-girl show. Can you take the heat?

Arranging for strippers at your next Friendsgiving festivities is a great way to make sure everyone has a holiday celebration they’ll remember for years to come. And with Kitty Cat Now Austin’s packages, there’s an almost limitless number of customization options. So, what are you waiting for? Book your package stripper package now and make sure you start the holiday season off hot!

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