Don’t let the Weather cancel your plans Kitty Cat Now will bring the party to you Rain or Shine!

Have you been planning the ultimate Boat or Pool party extravaganza only to be let down by Mother Nature? The Weather is fickle here in the South West. It can be an absolutely beautiful sunny day one minute, only to moments later be pouring rain. Some people would cancel their event all together but here at Kitty Cat Now HQ we’re the ultimate problem solvers!

Don’t let the Rain Ruin Your Parade  Kitty Cat Now Brings the Party to You!

Whether in the confines of your home or vacation rental we can easily shift your party around and bring Beautiful Exotic Dancers to you! This piece of absolute heaven can be accomplished with ease and very little forethought. With the aid of Kitty Cat Now we can create a sumptuously sexy day or evening designed to stimulate and titillate your wildest fantasies. Our Gorgeous Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers can engage with you and your guests on a level beyond flash. No matter what the weather may be doing outside In your party it’ll be absolutely Sizzling, our Bodacious Babes aim to please.

Rain or Shine our Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers Keep it Hot!

Whether you’d prefer voluptuous Topless or Nude Waitresses to dole out drinks In their skimpiest Bikinis to your esteemed guests. However, if you prefer a walk on our wild side
we specialize in Sensual Strip Tease and Toy Shows that easily can be performed no matter the venue. Our Sexy Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers perform an array of spectacularly erotic games and parlor tricks that will make you forget all your rainy day woes.

Turn your Rained Out Party into Paradise

Sometimes getting Rained out is the perfect opportunity to turn the heat up a notch with a call to your favorite local and trusted Stripping Agency; Kitty Cat Now Austin Strippers! At the mere Touch of your fingers you can have sumptuously sexy and fully nude strippers that are just aching with the desire to turn your rained out event into the hottest party in town!

Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to make your Rainy Day into a Wild Night!

At Kitty Cat Now we’re of the belief any occasion is the perfect time to have a party! Give us a Call or Book online Today to make your Rain Delay a wild escape with Kitty Cat Now Austin!

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