Creating Lasting Memories: What Makes Kitty Cat Now Parties Unforgettable

Who wants a bachelor party they’ll have forgotten within a day or two? Why even bother planning a backyard barbecue that you won’t remember next week? While you might answer “no one” and “no way” to those questions, tens of thousands of guys find themselves in that situation every single week across the US.

So, what’s the answer? How can you ensure that your party is unforgettable? Schedule a party package with Kitty Cat Now Austin. But what makes our parties so incredibly memorable? Let’s run down the list, shall we?

The Most Beautiful, Experienced Adult Entertainers

We’re proud of our girls. They’re incredibly gorgeous (seriously, check out the Meet the Girls page and you’ll agree). However, we do more than just provide a pretty face for your party. Our girls are consummate adult entertainers, with all the experience that entails. What’s more, they love what they do. You’ll see that firsthand during the show! Their goal is nothing short of your complete satisfaction.

A Package to Fit Any Need

We don’t stop by offering the hottest, most experienced entertainers in the city. We have a package to fit any need. From Strip-O-Grams to Single Girl Erotic Shows, Three Girl XXX Extreme Shows, and 4 Girl Lesbian Toy Shows (yes, they’ve got power tools and love to use them!), you’ll find a package that tantalizes and titillates.

Beyond the Norm

In addition to strip shows and erotic shows, we offer some pretty interesting packages that you’ll find nowhere else. Take our Boobs and bacon package as an example. You get two of our gorgeous ladies for two full hours. One hour is dedicated to breakfast where our girls will cook up your food completely topless. Then they give you a two-girl lesbian show that lasts for an hour and will leave you completely satisfied. And that’s just one example. Check out our Meow Pack, Kitten Pack, and Pool Party packages, too!

By this point, we think you get the idea. Kitty Cat Now Austin reputation for creating incredibly memorable events is well-earned. From the most beautiful ladies in your city to parties designed to tantalize and get your engine running, there’s something here for everyone.

Not sure what you need in terms of packages? We can help, whether you’re throwing a bachelor party, a holiday party, or just planning your next guys’ night out. Get in touch with us today to talk pricing!

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